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Restore mind and body with luxury barge tours in the Upper Loire.

Like the fine wines and produce of France, this historic countryside is best savored slowly, and there is simply no better way to enjoy France than to glide aboard the luxury barge Meanderer.

Visit magical chateaux, savor great cuisine, discover vineyards and galleries — a Meanderer voyage lets you have the French dream vacation on your terms.

Cruise with us aboard the Meanderer — connect with a time and place where
life moves a little more slowly and elegantly.

We’ll help tailor the experience that’s perfect for you — whether
you prefer to bicycle or walk down country lanes, or simply lounge
on board the Meanderer with your favorite vintage and watch
one of the world’s greatest landscapes go by.

Let us help make this one of your most memorable vacations.

Canal Barge Tours: France

Many experienced travelers are discovering canal barge tours. France is one of the most popular destinations for this kind of adventure, and the Hotel-Barge Meanderer is a perfect choice for this unique vacation. Essentially a floating luxury hotel, you view gorgeous vistas and make enchanting day trips while being pampered by the Meanderer's courteous, gifted crew. French barge canals weave charmingly through small towns and countryside creating a perfect France barge vacation. Gourmet meals served daily by a renowned chef and a wide selection of regional wines and cheeses make this one of the best barge trips in France. The Meanderer boasts five star quality rooms that are difficult to picture aboard a barge. Each cabin has a private bath with water closet and shower, and each has windows that open and skylights to bring the enchanting outdoors inside. You will never sleep better than in these beautiful accommodations with the sound of water wafting in the windows. The cabins, lounge and dining area are all spacious and decorated to complement discriminating tastes. An outdoor sundeck in teak is a perfect spot to watch the world go by, and an onboard spa and pool add to your relaxation and enjoyment. Nothing compares to a barge vacation for a total luxury experience, and no barge can match the Meanderer for pampering and beauty. We invite you to view our guest comments and browse our site. Make this your year to meander!